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How to make Epoxy resin table step by step

Amazing epoxy resin table types and how to make it step by step, stylish designs of the epoxy table for an unusual interior, top tips to make an epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

The original wooden furniture, created using modern technology, will delight the household and will certainly surprise the guests. Such an interesting interior detail will be an epoxy resin table. This product will decorate any room, you only need to choose a good design.

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Epoxy resin table special features:

Over the past few years, epoxy resin tables have become very popular. Initially, it was used for the manufacture of glue, insulating varnishes, plastics.
Now epoxy resin is widely used by designers to create exclusive interior items. Very beautiful tables are made of such material.

epoxy resin table

Dried epoxy resin is able to maintain the original volume - this is one of its main advantages.
Varnishes, for example, dry up because the liquid that enters them evaporates, and as a result, the volume is lost. The resin hardens as a result of a chemical reaction.
The epoxy table will not only be aesthetically appealing but also durable. Such surfaces are resistant to temperature changes, humidity, and mechanical damage. They are reliable and durable.

epoxy resin table

With the help of epoxy resin, you can not only create new furniture yourself but also transform old furniture

Another important advantage of such material is the low price. It is available to all comers. Inexperienced craftsmen are pleased that working with epoxy is very easy.
To do this, you do not need special knowledge and skills, you only need to do everything in a certain order and take into account the recommendations of the masters.

Epoxy table types:

Epoxy tables are striking in their diversity: there is furniture of various forms. Materials are hot or cold cured.
If you create a wooden table made of epoxy resin at home, usually choose substances belonging to the second type.
Options for the design of such furniture are very different. The table top can be completely made of epoxide and with a combination of materials, with different attachments, multicolor or one-color.

epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

It all depends on your capabilities and imagination. A popular solution is the combination of natural wood and epoxy (for example, a "lightning" pattern). You can get the effects of a variety of landscapes - from sea to mountain.

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Materials used to make epoxy table:

epoxy resin table

The following basic requirements for epoxy resin can be distinguished:
  • The cost of epoxy should be low, because it will need a lot. Optics and jewelry materials are not suitable.
  • The substance should differ in low viscosity, so that after mixing it does not remain bubbles.
  • When frozen, the material should not lose volume.
  • Suitable for furniture should harden slowly enough. So it will be possible to form various freakish distortions from epoxy until it is frozen. When the material is liquid, it must be poured, when it is very viscous (similar to rubber) - to form.
  • To get almost any visual effects, you need to choose a transparent resin. You can add color to it.

Stages of epoxy freezing:

Liquid: The substance flows freely from the sticks. In this state, it is just great to fill the hollows, fill forms.
On a consistency similar to honey. This epoxy is a great adhesive, but it is not suitable for casting.

Almost non-separable. In this state, the resin is practically not used. It is necessary either not to bring it to this step, or to wait until it becomes even thicker.

Rubber: Epoxy in this state can be compared with clay. Such material is used in order to obtain elements that differ in various fanciful forms.
Hard material. This is the final step. At this step, the product is already completely ready.

epoxy resin table

Tables are made from solid wood. To create interesting products, you can use different elements: chips, circular cuts, parts of plates. For the manufacture of furniture from epoxy, some choose an old tree, shabby pieces with voids, corroded by bark beetles. Filling the hollows with resin, you can achieve very interesting effects.

Focusing on the chosen style, complement the design using different decorative elements:
  • Photo
  • Fir branches
  • River pebbles
  • Traffic jams
  • Cones
  • Coins
  • Seashells
epoxy resin table

To achieve the effect of a beautiful glow of the surface, you can add the fluorescent powder to the material.
Epoxy is also suitable for modern motifs. Embed foil, semiprecious stones, metal elements, glitter.
Putting on the open parts of the surface metallic paint, you can achieve a fantastic overflow.

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Subtleties of manufacture for the epoxy table:

Careful preparation for the manufacture of epoxy countertops - a guarantee of excellent results.
To make it as convenient as possible to mix the material, select the appropriate dishes for this.
Its size will depend on how much epoxy you need. Prepare also measuring containers, a stick with which you will mix epoxy.
Read the instructions: the proportions are different, they are determined by the manufacturer.

epoxy resin table

Prepare also the following:
  • A room that is suitable for work. The temperature in it should be room temperature. Check if you have enough free space.
  • Grout, separators (this, for example, petrolatum, paraffin). They will help ensure that the epoxy does not stick to the form. To be able to rub the gap, prepare the clay.
  • Tools for grinding. The best option is a special grinder.
  • Phosphors, pigments and so on.
  • Elements of decor.

Measure the epoxy first and then the hardener. You will need to add it to the base.

epoxy resin table

Stir the material very carefully, it will affect the freezing. When the epoxy reaches a suitable consistency, it can be used.

Cracked wood:

It looks very interesting wooden surface, corroded bark beetles or fungus. The tracks are filled with epoxy. In this way, you can get just fantastic pictures. You can make holes in the wood yourself.

To fill cracks and holes with resin, use a brush or spatula. When the material becomes hard, strip off the excess using a special grinding device
Epoxy should only be in the holes. Then apply a protective varnish on the countertop, it will protect the wooden surface from the effects of liquid and add brightness to the pattern.

Transparent surface:

First clean or degrease the workpiece. Wood is a material that absorbs moisture, so you will need to prime it using resin. So you can prevent the occurrence of bubbles. Then prepare the epoxy and place it in the mold.

If you want the surface to be colored, add the necessary colorant, while it is desirable that the pigment be from the same manufacturer as the resin.
Dyes of different shades should be chosen if you want to achieve interesting combinations of colors.

When the tabletop is flooded, leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. If bubbles occur, remove them. After two days, sand and polish the surface. Seven days later, the furniture can already be used.

Filled Surfaces:

The most interesting products of epoxy resin - options with different fillers. When creating such furniture are used a variety of items: bottle caps, beautiful pebbles and so on.
If you are going to create such a product, you must first clean the surface, remove fat from it. If necessary, coat the blank with paint.

epoxy resin table

Put the fillers on the bottom of the workpiece. Make sure that they are completely dry.
If the fillers are too light, stick them to the bottom, otherwise, they will float. In cases where the elements used are small in height (up to 5 mm) and simple in shape, a single layer of resin will suffice. If there are indentations on the surface, protrusions or fillers are large enough, you will have to pour the epoxy in several stages (there should be up to two days between them).

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Useful tips to make epoxy resin table:

Remember that the workplace must be covered with polyethylene. Other materials can be used to protect surfaces. Such precautions are necessary because otherwise epoxy may spill. Hardened substance will be very difficult to remove.

epoxy resin table

If you are going to start working with epoxy, wipe the dust in the room.

If liquid gets into the mixture, the tabletop may be damaged. Ensure that there is no water in the workplace.

Note that if there is a lot of material, it will freeze faster. A layer of 1-2 cm will become hard in 24 hours, and 1 mm will not dry in a few days.

Curing can be accelerated by increasing the temperature in the room.

However, start heating only after the epoxy thickens at least a little.

Do not forget to carry out grinding, polishing surfaces. To do without such work is obtained very rarely.

Sunlight can damage the finished product. Using color will reduce the effects of UV radiation.

Beautiful options of epoxy table designs in the interior:

For the manufacture of epoxy resin table, you can use a variety of fillers. This original product catches the eye with a variety of color tones.

For decorating furniture from epoxy often use a variety of bright lids. You can collect a whole collection and perpetuate it in such an unusual way.

epoxy resin table

A bright card on the table is an idea that is striking in its singularity. Such furniture is ideal for creative people, adventure seekers.

epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

epoxy resin table

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